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Creating impact

The primary aim of INFECT-MET is to begin to address the issue of developing a metrological framework for molecular measurements of infectious agents, which aims to reconcile issues of metrology, traceability and the clinical and WHO (IU) community that measurements must be relevant and commutable.

Knowledge brokerage will take place mainly at three levels:

  1. Two way interaction with the scientific community – contributing to and sourcing from the global knowledge pool
  2. Informing and updating national measurement institutes, designated institutes and regulatory and standardisation bodies (e.g. WHO, ISO, ISO-REMCO) on progress, key results and outputs that are relevant to each stakeholder organisation
  3. Liaising with and informing relevant stakeholder groups such as clinicians and infective disease monitoring laboratories (e.g. CDC, UCL, ECDC, NIBSC), relevant EQA and PT scheme providers e.g. QCMD, UCL, INSTAND, non-government organisations (e.g. IFCC) and intergovernmental organisations (e.g. WHO)