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Assessment of emerging methodologies for rapid, near patient detection of infectious agents

The aim of this workpackage is to assess performance characteristics and to identify the measurement support needed to characterise/validate selected new instrumentation, assays and kits dedicated for rapid and / or near patient detection of infectious agents. In particular, novel rapid isothermal amplification approaches for nucleic acid amplification and detection have shown promise in this area over recent years as a faster and simpler alternative to PCR based approaches as they negate the requirement for sophisticated thermal cycling and can generate results in minutes. Alternatively, microfluidic systems will be used to reduce the cycle time by handling small volumes.

The research will investigate:

  • Selection of methodologies, approaches and target sequences for evaluation of rapid, near patient tests
  • Assessment of rapid isothermal and PCR based nucleic acid amplification approaches
  • Assessment of loss of DNA and selected PCR reagents by adhesion on different surfaces
  • Identification of metrology support required for rapid, near patient tests