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Assessment of emerging screening methodologies for surveillance and monitoring of disease load and antibiotic resistance

This workpackage aims to investigate the validation and standardisation requirements to support the application of new and emerging molecular approaches for the surveillance, monitoring of infectious disease load, and detection of antimicrobial resistance mutations. The last decade has seen an increase in the number of higher throughput and/or more extensive analytical technologies that offer unique opportunities for infectious disease analysis for surveillance of load, epidemiology and resistance. These approaches offer much, but come with a set of frequently unique challenges when considering standardisation of measurement. Assessment of these challenges will enable INFECT-MET to recommend and access measurement harmonisation approaches.

This workpackage will focus on nucleic acid measurement and will consider this in the context of newer highly powerful approaches, like next generation sequencing, and will propose mechanisms for incorporating standards in to the process when performing surveillance and monitoring of disease load and antibiotic resistance.

The work will investigate:

  • Sample sourcing, preparation and characterisation
  • Assessment of performance characteristics on model systems & clinical samples
  • Identification of metrology support required for surveillance & monitoring