Pathogenic microbes sequencing workshop

  • Event Type   -   Workshop
  • Location     -   LGC, Teddington
  • Start Date   -   1 May 2014
  • Duration     -   1 day
  • Cost         -   £50 + VAT (academic)/£100 + VAT (commercial)

Microbial molecular profiling and identification series

Genomic approaches such as next generation sequencing (NGS) are increasingly being used to identify microbial organisms. High throughput sequencing (either whole genome or targeted) currently offers a method for identifying pathogens, evaluating phylogenetic composition and quantifying microbial diversity.

The application of NGS methods in the area of pathogen identification has recently been boosted by the introduction of new technologies, offering a range of sequencing strategies and supported by a number of reference databases. Clinically, the capacity of NGS to generate large data sets offers new strategies for typing pathogens and identifying drug resistance, thus enabling the rapid identification of emerging infectious diseases and tracking of outbreaks.

This workshop, which is being jointly organised by Great Ormond Street Hospital and LGC, will focus on the use of NGS for the detection of human infectious disease. Delegates will be provided with an overview of current NGS strategies and potential applications, as well as the challenges faced by those who are applying this technology to study infectious diseases. In addition, methods for improving standardisation will be discussed.

This workshop will:


  • Provide an overview of NGS
  • Give guidance on experimental design
  • Introduce current approaches for data analysis
  • Discuss the need for standardisation and reference materials
  • Provide advice on commonly encountered problems


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