The National Institute for Biology hosts second interim meeting

Our second ‘Metrology for monitoring infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance, and harmful micro-oganisms’ (Infect-Met) interim meeting took part on Wednesday 8th May 2013 at the National Institute for Biology, Ljubljana.

Consortium members who attended included LGC and UCL from the UK; BAM and PTB from Germany, TUBITAK from Turkey, JRC from the European Union and NIB and Golnik hospital from Slovenia. Partners presented the progress of their research, which helped us to agree new approaches for accomplishing the vision of INFECT-MET project; to establish routes for improving the accuracy, robustness, comparability and traceability of measurements within the metrology and diagnostics for epidemiological communities involved in respiratory diseases.

After the meeting, the participants visited the facilities of the Department of Biotechnology and Systems Biology, picutred below.